The mission of the "Conservative University" is to train the next generation of conservative leaders nationally by providing them, in a systematic, easily available and focused manner, the intellectual tools necessary to become successful political and civic leaders. It is a mission that must be advanced or the movement will die. There are many things taught to conservatives but the specific mission here is to provide a fundamental core curriculum and set of ideas that can provide a lifetime guide to political and social decision-making.

The idea is to present a short conservative curriculum of a few key books and courses that are attractive and substantive enough to be a guide for practical civic leadership. The on-line university would feature a basic conservative philosophy course, a for-credit Western tradition and philosophy course, other conservative courses, an on line philosophy/policy discussion board, conservative classics and essential essays, conservative policy commentary, a history of conservatism and a conservative book store. It would link with existing conservative youth organizations and think tanks to target college students and interns interested in civic careers.

An arrangement was made with Bellevue University of Nebraska to develop and offer a for-credit Western civilization and American values course through its campus and on-line programs as an additional element of a full conservative curriculum. That 3-credit course may be accessed directly from the site to registration at Bellevue University. A book of classical Western readings also is available and represents both an academically respectable work and, more importantly, an invaluable aid to students in comprehending the values and institutions of their civilization.

Utilizing an on-line conservative classroom provides the needed integrated course of studies necessary in a nationwide-indeed, worldwide-program available instantly to students. Only this approach provides a means for hundreds of young civic leaders per year to master a conservative philosophy that they can apply to political and social issues throughout their lifetimes, creating a cadre that promotes American values and institutions for decades to come

Students may choose their own pace and how much to take on at any particular time. It can range from a 12-week for-credit course to a simple reading of Ronald Reagan's short summary of the whole doctrine. There are short courses, links to lectures in your home geographical area, a discussion chat room, and even a full on-line university classroom. There are also links to several different conservative bookstores.

The "Conservative University" is online 24 hours a day so that you can learn as little or as much about modern conservatism as you wish. Welcome and enjoy.

Dr. Donald J. Devine

Conservative University


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