As Chairman of the American Conservative Union Foundation, our nation's oldest and largest conservative educational organization, I'd like to personally welcome you to our online headquarters.

ACU and the ACU Foundation have, since their founding in 1964, been the pre-eminent conservative organizations in America. We have fought the war of ideas almost from the beginning of the modern conservative movement. We believe that ideas have consequences, as early theorist Richard Weaver put it, and have been guided by that principle ever since. We could not have done this without you, our one million members and supporters, who have translated our conservative philosophy into action.

One of the first things I would urge you to do during your visit here is to look at the history of ACUF, listed under the "Conservative Issues" section on the home page. We are proud of the fact that since 1964 we have helped change the face of American politics in a dramatic and irreversible way.

Our new "Conservative University" is designed to place all of the classic documents and books of the conservative movement in one, central location. As such, it can serve as a constant inspiration to our older supporters and a concise education to new recruits to conservatism. It begins with perhaps the best statement of our philosophy, "The Time Is Now," by Ronald Reagan delivered at our own 1981 Conservative Political Action Conference. It features other founders of the intellectual conservative movement and self-study and even an on-line for-credit college course on Western civilization and a chat room for discussions on classic conservative books.

And while we proudly celebrate these past accomplishments, we are going to face even greater challenges during the next century. Simply put, the fight has just begun, and we at the ACU Foundation believe that with continued support of conservatives who share our values, our best days lie ahead.

So, welcome, enjoy your visit to our online foundation headquarters, and return just as often as this site is maintained and updated 24 hours a day. And finally, if you haven't already, I hope you will join the fight by becoming a member or making a contribution in support of the American Conservative Union Foundation. Thank you very much.

David A. Keene


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