The "Bold Colors" Conservative Voice in Washington

Issue 147 - January 6, 2010

From the Battle Line

New Year Right Agenda
by Donald Devine

Fusing Everything on Right
by Daniel McCarthy

Creating Our Own Values
by James Schall

Media Pass in Review

Irrational Climate Skeptics?
by Brent Bozell

We Are Doomed
by Randy Safford

Delightful Crimes
by Mike Gray

Government Maneuvers

Right Way Health Reform
by John Goodman

Green Foreign Aid
by Paul Driessen

Inflation – Up Again
by Wesbury/Stein

Culture Wars

Jews in Wartime Italy
by Alan Brownfeld

Middle East Realities
by Daniel Pipes

Copenhagen Con
by Dennis Avery

Political Front

Public For Smaller Government
by Scott Rasmussen

Conservatism Is Back
by David Keene

Business as Usual
by Brian Riedl

Reader Backfire

Media Quotes of the Year
by Media Research Center

Jefferson on Banks
by Mark Hendrickson

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